The 7 Theory

Play Like A Pro

The 7 Theory In A Worship Environment

What if you could go to any song at any time during worship at your church?  With the 7 Theory, you can.  

The 7 Theory enables you and your team to HEAR the numbers of the chords in the songs you're doing and equips them to play without staring at their chord charts or sheet music.  Imagine if your team was liberated from looking at their music?  What if they could hear and feel the music all together, as a band, following your leadership?  

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Is Live Training Available? 

Yes!  Jordan Biel is available to come train your team/band alone or he's also available to come do a seminar for an event you're planning.  Just place a booking request on the contact page and we'll be in touch.  

New Christmas Worship Music

Looking For Great New Christmas Music? 

Pastor Jordan and his band released THE KING IS BORN a collection of revised carols and original Christmas worship songs for you and your church!  Check it out on Spotify, iTunes or Order a Hard Copy Here