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Live Training

While the videos are very helpful and more extensive in terms of guitar and piano lessons, nothing beats a live training of the 7 Theory by Jordan Biel or one of his staff.  In a live training, you'll get 2-3 hours of personal training on how the 7 Theory works with your band using your songs.  In the Live Training, we can customize the application of the 7 Theory to the songs you and your band are used to doing.  

On top of the regular "Summary" seminar, Jordan and his team are available to do some training in the areas of...

  • Stage Presence - How To Connect 
  • Voicing - How and Why Each Musician Should Have A Lane
  • Songwriting - Super Practical Advice on the Art of Songwriting 
  • FOH Sound / Mixing 
  • Guitar Clinic - How to Compliment instead of Complicate the Lead Vocal

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