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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you'll find our most frequently asked questions so you can get your answer QUICK!


Can I Make ONE order and purchase the Entire Video Download Series? 

Yes!  We had to create a work-around for this to be available, but yes, you can.  You just visit the DOWNLOAD page and select "DOWNLOAD ENTIRE PACKAGE"  The entire package of Downloadable Videos costs $38, a savings of $12 from ordering DVDs and when you do this, you'll receive an email with a download to a text document.  Open that text document and in it you'll have a link to where the entire folder of videos is ready for you to download from our Dropbox Cloud service.  

Can I share the videos with friends?

No.  We kindly ask that although we live in a digital world, please respect the time and effort that went into creating this product and do not copy or share video files with friends outside of your church worship team.  Thank you.  

Can the videos / jump drive or DVDs / be shared within our worship team?  

YES!  Absolutely!  I priced them in a way to accommodate entire team training.  But for anyone outside your church worship team, I'd ask that you encourage them to purchase their own copy.  

Why is it cheaper to download the videos instead of getting the DVDs or Jump Drives?

Because I hate the post office =) Happy Downloading =) 

Will the downloaded videos play on my iPhone, iPod or iPad?

Yup.  All the downloaded videos are set to a lower resolution and formatted to play on any Apple Device and or your computer.   

All the videos from the Jump Drive are also in Mp4 format to ensure they play on any MAC or PC easily.  

Who created music in the first place?

God.  Yeah... He's pretty amazing. 

Is there training on how to use the Nashville Number System in songwriting on the Jump Drives? 

Yes!  Once you insert the jump drive, click the "Summary & Songwriting Training" Video. 

Can I purchase multiple DVD packages or Jump Drives at a bulk rate discount?

Yes.  Just contact us and let us know how many you'd like and we'll take care of you.