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About The 7 Theory & It's Creator

"Hi there, my name is Jordan Biel and I created an easy-to-understand method of learning how to play music using the Nashville Number System & how to play by ear.  Why?  Because for years, I've been asked after events "How did you play that whole set without any music?" or... "How did you do that new song without you or your band having any music on stands?"  I realized that many musicians were never taught the Number System like I was in College (Thank You, Dave Krock!!!)  

I discovered that after teaching this to my students alongside the regular music theory stuff such as scales and chords, etc that my students were REALLY good musicians within a matter of months!  I heard the same thing over and over and over from happy students...  'I can't believe how fast I'm learning to play!" 

I've taken the Number System, which has been elusive to many musicians unless you're a session player in LA or Nashville, and made it accessible and easy to understand for ANY musician, even beginners.  There really are only 7 chords in 95% of songs, sometimes even less!  Let me teach you using these videos how to know what they are, hear them, and play by ear!  Whether you're a songwriter, an artist, a musician, a producer, worship leader, band leader, music teacher, you'll discover this was the missing piece that you needed!"

Jordan Biel, Founder of The 7 Theory


The videos are now available on a little 16GB Jump Drive!  Simply put the drive into your iMac or PC and copy the files to your computer or begin by simply double clicking each video lesson.  

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The 7 Theory Videos are now available on a jump drive!

ALL the training videos, Guitar Lessons (Beginner to Advanced) Piano Lessons (Beginner to Advanced) and the Summary Training Videos are on this little 16GB Jump Drive!

Now you can simply put them in your PC or Mac at home and play them there or even put them into Media Shout or ProPresenter for your whole team to watch the Summary and Worship Team Videos together!

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