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What Is The 7 Theory?

The 7 Theory is a music curriculum created by music artist and producer, Jordan Biel.  It's aimed at teaching you how to play by ear.  There are beginner guitar and piano lessons all the way through the basics up to improvisation lessons.  Jordan has been teaching lessons for over 12 years using this unique method and has heard the same testimonies over and over "I can't believe how fast I was able to learn to play and to play well!" 

The 7 Theory is now available in video, both DVDs and Downloads!  The 7 Theory is being taught at Cedarville University, in many churches and conferences around the US like the National Worship Leader Conference, the Taxi Road Rally and others.

The 7 Theory uses the Nashville Number System alongside basic music theory to train you how to identify what the numbers are in any given song and then play it back.  It also empowers you to choose the right chord in your songwriting efforts.  

The Complete DVD Package is available here as well as Downloads.  You can download the entire system in one purchase for a discounted rate or you can download  one of the 4 series or you can even  purchase one video at a time to test it out.  We believe once you do, you'll give it a 5 Star rating like all of our customers on Amazon.  Finally learn how to play by ear!  Finally learn to play like a pro! 


Testimonials From Our Happy Customers

"My 3 kids, ages 9, 11 and 13, are learning to play piano very well using the 7 Theory by Jordan Biel.  They're even playing and practicing without me asking them because they're enjoying it so much!" - Mary from Ohio

"I can NOT believe how fast my two teenagers are learning to play piano using this system!  It is totally awesome!  They're only on their fourth lesson and they're already playing songs that THEY wanted to play, songs like Hello by Adele!  It's just amazing!" - Adrienne Miller

"Awesome system!  Simple and effective!  I recommend this system from beginner all the way to a pro!!!  It rocks!" - Josefina Valentin on the Amazon Store 

"I always hoped I could sing and play at the same time and before I could only read sheet music and play classically.  Now after learning using The 7 Theory, I can play the songs I'm writing, other songs I wanted to do and sing at the same time!  It's been SO liberating!"  - Farrah Richards

"I bought all your 7 Theory DVDs when they first came out and they are SUPER helpful!  Thank you so much for creating these!  It's helping me teach new musicians quickly.  I've been playing piano or 20 years and just after watching the first lesson, the summary, it's helping me think and play better!  This is a HUGE blessing!"                 - Lorena McCabe, EFC Newport

"My worship team is learning this and man, they are getting so much better and they're not as stuck to their music stands now!" - Pastor Patrick Robinson